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Legal Peace Solicitors offer professional one to one services to ensure the law is fighting for you. Our personal legal services facilitated by our solicitors, are encompassed with a wealth of combined experience within the legal system, ensuring you get the outcome you desire.

Not many solicitor firms can represent you from start to finish, without recruiting additional representation for you in court. Legal Peace solicitors, from the moment we take on your case, we gather an understanding of your needs, and ensure the full weight of the law supports you. This ensures no communications are lost in transition as we take your case to court where necessary.

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How to get started

Legal matters can be a daunting process for many, so its reassuring to have peace of mind with Legal Peace on your side. We are human just like you, so have made it simple to get things started.

step3(1).png You may know the type of help you need, or unsure where to start. Great news, you are in the right place.

step2(1).png We will listen to your query and be able to offer free impartial advice.

step1(1).pngSo dont delay, our solicitors are on standby to assist. Use our contact form, or call us now

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quotes.pngI had to use Legal Peace Solicitors towards the end of last year. From my initial contact with my solicitor Jeanine, I knew I was in professional hands.

My conversations her were concise, thorough and in-depth, which negated the need for follow up conversations. Nothing was missed. All communications were highly professional and relevant to the progression of my case.

quotes.pngUsed Legal Peace Solicitors to provide Personal Guarantee advice. Efficient and was reasonably priced.

quotes.pngVery pleased with the service I have received. Great communication and support prior to the appointment & very efficient team.

quotes.pngOn the day of my case, the professionalism continued, and Jeanine was simply brilliant in how she put across my case and defended me.
She left no stone unturned which made the process far more streamlined and ultimately the case in my defence was so strong that the acquittal was a very simple one to be made in the end.

If I am ever in a situation again where I require legal advice or representation, I will not hesitate to contact Legal Peace Solicitors.