About Us

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Legal Peace has been founded by Jeanine Harry who has over 18 years of experience in both criminal and civil litigation.

Legal Peace is a new firm.  We are Litigation specialists and know the court procedure, if your case goes that far, inside out.  As  small firm, we offer a boutique, bespoke and tailored personal service to help you get the outcome you want.

It is no secret that Litigation is extremely expensive.  Your legal costs can far outweigh your original claim.  We therefore pride ourselves on providing a legal service which comprises more affordable representation.   As well as offering fixed fees, we can provide you with global estimates for the litigation and offer flexible payment options which are made in advance.  We also ensure full transparency with detailed bills showing a full narrative of all work undertaken so you can see exactly where your payments have been spent.

As litigation specialists, we are also experience in pre- litigation legal advice as well as dispute resolution and arbitration.

Outside of planning, we provide excellent additional legal services, covering core legal areas such as drafting wills,  drafting contracts including terms and conditions, criminal litigation (but no legal aid cases), civil litigation, dispute resolution, landlord and tenant issues, immigration, debt recovery, fixed fees on small claims matters and Advocacy for certain types of cases in court rather than using external Barristers.   Advocacy ensures you have someone on your case from start to finish who knows your case inside out.

With the rise in online and remote working, we feel that many Solicitors have lost the personal touch with their clients.  We have very comfortable offices where you can come in and have a meeting to discuss your case.  As a small firm, our lawyers work on your case from start to finish. This means we are accountable, and are always able to be contacted. We are transparent, will be honest about the strengths and weaknesses of your case and we discuss fees up front.


quotation.jpegEarly last year I found myself in a position where I required experienced and robust legal counsel.

After speaking to Jeanine, her professionalism and confidence shone through. This was crucial to me as I was very anxious about having to  attend court for the first time. As well as reassuring me that she would be able to handle the case and obtain a positive outcome on my behalf, she also spent time making me aware of the worst case scenario to ensure balance, but maintained the likelihood of a successful outcome.

Jeanine was fantastic at keeping in touch with me in the run up to the case, ensuring that she was equipped with all the information she needed for the case. She was also available to answer any questions I had.

Whilst waiting for my case to be heard, I witnessed many other legal council who were clearly unprepared and their clients were understandably concerned. This further increased my confidence in Jeanine’s abilities to represent me.

During the hearing, Jeannine was professional and confident and was able to obtain the result I had hoped for.

From the start to the end of the stressful process Jeanine was a source of confidence, focus and maintained a completely professional approach.

Should you require legal representation, I would highly recommend Jeanine as I don’t think you could get much better.
Kay A