Some of our lawyers regularly appear in courts in Kent, as well as further afield, presenting cases at a range of hearings. This includes representation in the Criminal Magistrates and Crown Courts.

That includes everything from hearings in possession proceedings and enforcement of debts to applications to strike out, applications for summary judgement and costs and case management. Our lawyers have experience in dealing with trials and final hearings of their own cases rather than instructing barristers, although they do instruct external Counsel if they consider it to be in the client’s best interests to do so.

Our advocates’ trial experience includes handling trials in the Small Claims Track and Fast Track in all County Court matters.  We will usually instruct barristers to represent our clients in cases in the Multi Track and in the High Court.

We are able to undertake advocacy as part of wider conduct of in the client's case. We are also happy to undertake one-off pieces of advocacy as agents for other solicitors or, where appropriate, for clients. We will work on hourly rates or fixed fees depending on what is most appropriate in the given case.

Having undertaken advocacy in court, we can also provide written or oral advice upon the case as we see it, in light of our preparation for the hearing.

We are pleased to be able to offer strong and effective advocates at various levels of seniority and cost for any type of hearing required.

Examples of areas of advocacy dealt with are:
bullet_sm_blue.png Applications to set aside default judgment
bullet_sm_blue.png Striking out claims or statments of case
bullet_sm_blue.png Summary judgment applications
bullet_sm_blue.png Case and cost management conferences
bullet_sm_blue.png Possession proceedings for mortgagees or mortgagors, and for landlords or tenants
bullet_sm_blue.png Pre-trial reviews and pre-trial settlement hearings
bullet_sm_blue.png Other interim applications
bullet_sm_blue.png Small Claims Track trials
bullet_sm_blue.png Fast Track trials
bullet_sm_blue.png Appeals
bullet_sm_blue.png Assessments of costs
bullet_sm_blue.png Setting aside statutory demands, bankruptcy and winding-up petitions
bullet_sm_blue.png Applications for charging orders and attachment of earnings orders

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