Civil Litigation


Whatever the grounds for a dispute, our civil litigation solicitors understand it can be daunting, stressful and expensive for all involved.

We will ensure you are fully informed on the options available and will support you through every step of the dispute resolution and litigation process, including:
bullet_sm_blue.png Assessing the strength of your claim and the likely outcome and length of proceedings
bullet_sm_blue.png Ensuring you understand the costs involved and the funding options which may be available to you
bullet_sm_blue.png Liaising with the other parties to fully establish the grounds for the dispute and assisting with settlement if the case warrants it
bullet_sm_blue.png Gathering evidence to substantiate your case
bullet_sm_blue.png Attempting to resolve the dispute before going to court.

If litigation is required:
bullet_sm_blue.png Filing your claim with the appropriate court and serving it on the defendant
bullet_sm_blue.png Establishing the timetable for proceedings as decided by the court
bullet_sm_blue.png Representing you in court by either arranging a barrister or having our in-house Solicitor-Advocate representing you
bullet_sm_blue.png Advising and enforcing a judgement in your favour or lodging an appeal if necessary


Legal Peace should be your choice of solicitors for the following reasons
bullet_sm_blue.png Affordable fees
bullet_sm_blue.png Exceptional legal expertise focused on achieving the best possible outcome
bullet_sm_blue.png Experts in all mediation methods and courts
bullet_sm_blue.png Balanced, robust approach with clear, practical guidance throughout the process
bullet_sm_blue.png Experienced in bringing and defending civil dispute claims
bullet_sm_blue.png Flexible cost options and guidance on the most cost-effective way to fund your case

Funding Your Litigation


Hourly Rate
As the name suggests, the fees are calculated by simply multiplying the time taken by the appropriate hourly rate. Added to this are disbursements. How the hourly rate is calculated is not simple, although all the client usually sees is the actual amount proposed. Clients rarely question this, despite the fact it can be the single most important aspect of how their costs are calculated. Some control can be regained by applying a costs cap (i.e. stating how much costs are authorised to begin with), but the reality is once that amount is used up, it is almost inevitable the cap will have to be increased.

Fixed Fees
The amount you pay for the lawyers' time is fixed, although disbursements may be charged on top. You should not be charged any more than this. However, they may only be fixed in given circumstances. If you are incurring additional costs, you should be told and if you receive a bill for more than the fixed fee, you should speak to your solicitor. If they are unable to give an explanation, seek our advice.

Conditional Fees
These are often referred to as "no-win, no-fee agreements". Either you do not pay for the solicitor’s time unless you "win" (a standard conditional fee agreement, or CFA) or you pay a reduced rate if you lose (a discounted fee conditional fee agreement, or DCFA). In either case there may be a premium or "success fee" added should you win. The idea is that all basic costs are charged to the other side, but the client is liable for the success fee. However, while there may be no fee for the solicitors time if the case is lost, you may still be liable to pay their disbursements. Other lawyers, such as barristers, instructed in the case may be treated as disbursements, or may enter into a separate conditional fee agreement with the solicitor. Conditional fee agreements do offer the opportunity to pursue a case where you have no or little money and formed part of the underlying strategy which enabled the government to dispose of Legal Aid in a large percentage of cases.

Contingency Fees Or Damages Based Agreements
These are agreements where the legal charges are calculated on the basis of a percentage of value. They were once unlawful, but after a change in procedure rules their popularity is increasing. Contingency fees are the main form of funding in the USA, primarily because it is rare to recover costs against an opponent.

Third Party Funding
You may be a member of a union, association or trade body which is prepared to fund your case, or alternatively you may have insurance which will fund your case. It will usually entail the solicitor having to disclose anything and everything about the case to the funder. If an offer is made by the other side, that the funder thinks should be accepted, they can withdraw cover if the offer is not accepted.

Variable Fixed Fees
The amount you pay is fixed dependent on the circumstances that arise. It is not completely fixed, but not as flexible as hourly rate. There is therefore some control.


How to get started

Legal matters can be a daunting process for many, so its reassuring to have peace of mind with Legal Peace on your side. We are human just like you, so have made it simple to get things started.

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