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We provide an affordable debt recovery solution designed to offer you a cost-effective and transparent way to pursue unpaid debts.

At Legal Peace we understand that cash flow is vital to any successful business. We understand that the cost of instructing a solicitor to pursue debt recovery is often prohibitive. Our debt recovery service has therefore been designed to offer you a cost effective commercial recovery solution. Our fees structure enables you to make an informed decision at an early stage as to how much you want to invest in recovering bad debt, thus providing you with control.

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Stage 1



The first stage is the pre-litigation stage in which we will write to your debtor upon your behalf demanding immediate payment of monies owed.  These letters can be done for a fixed fee.  The fixed fee payable will depend on the complexity of the case.  The letter will threaten County Court proceedings or insolvency proceedings if the demand is not complied with. This is followed up with verbal communications if the debt remains unpaid.

In the event that a debt is undisputed, it is our experience that the majority of monies owed are paid at this early stage.  A good solicitor's letter usually does the trick!


Stage 2



The second stage is the litigation stage itself in which we issue a County Court Claim against the debtor.  If it is a small claims matter, we will advise accordingly.

Once we issue a County Court claim, the debtor will be served the claim by the Court and will then have 14 days in which to respond. If there is a failure to respond we will apply for Default Judgment and then move on to the enforcement Stage 3.


Stage 3



If your debtor has not paid the monies owed during either of the previous stages, then we will have no option but to take enforcement action. This is an important stage because simply obtaining a County Court Judgment does not mean you will get paid.

There are a number of options available which we will advise you on depending upon the level of the debt and we will discuss the best option with you.
Please note that if at any stage the debt is disputed, we will outline options and recommend the most appropriate course of action for you to take providing any estimate of legal costs. In those circumstances your case will fall outside of our standard fee scales.  However, we are still more affordable than most legal firms in the Kent area.


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