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family law

Legal Peace have specialist Family Law Solicitors specialising in divorce, separation and financial matters. Whether you have a modest or high net worth case, involving businesses, multiple assets and/or children matters, our solicitors will provide you with the same high level of client care and precision at all times. 

We also undertake representation at court and offer an out of hours service because ‘Emotions do not switch off at 5:30pm”

Relationship breakdown Divorce


Arguably, divorce is one of the most stressful life events a person can go through and it can impact on every aspect of family life, including the family financesWe can guide, assist and support you every step of the way to ensure a smooth and successful divorce.

We have the experience to assist you in dealing with every eventuality. We will always try to keep things harmonious and will offer a cost-effective service. Furthermore, we will ensure you are protected should your spouse choose to behave in an abusive manner or be reluctant to agree to a fair settlement.

I promise you will not go through divorce alone.


Division of financial assets

finacial assets

If your relationship has come to an end, the first port of call should be mediation or arbitration round table meetings, with an aim to settle amicably. If this is not possible, we can assist you with the next move; namely court action and advice on forward planning during litigation and the possibility of Clean Break Orders.

Prenuptial Agreements / Postnuptial agreements

If you are looking to seek some protection over certain assets, a prenuptial may be the way forward. A pre-nuptial agreement is often the way forward if one party has more assets going into the marriage than the other.  It is worth considering if you want to protect those assets in the event of divorce.  Our specialists can assist you with drawing up the agreement and providing advice moving forward.

Matters concerning children: Child Access & Children Disputes

child, children

Communication between the couple, the living and visiting arrangements of the children are not always agreed amicably. When informal arrangements are made, sometimes issues arise over the child not being returned on time. One party may also want or need to move to a different location within or outside of the country. These changes can all cause great despair and/or anxiety for all parties, including the children.

Family Law issues should always be dealt with constructively, positively and using the most empathetic approach possible.

child children

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Legal matters can be a daunting process for many, so its reassuring to have peace of mind with Legal Peace on your side. We are human just like you, so have made it simple to get things started.

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